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▼ Presafer attended ISFRMT2016
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Presafer attend The 4th International Symposium on Flame-Retardant Materials & Technologies (ISFRMT 2016)
The 4th International Symposium on Flame-Retardant Materials & Technologies (ISFRMT 2016) was held at Changchun from Jun 15 to 17. Presafer general manager Kenneth Zhou attended the meeting.

ISFRMT 2016 ,hosted by China Flame Retardant Association, Changchun Institute of Applying Industry CAS and Sichuan University, is a complihensive communication platform for top experts both at home and aboard and industry engineers. The conference include 9 topics:Combustion behavior of flame retardant material and flame retardant mechanism, Flame retardant plastic and rubber, Combustion behavior of composite materials, Flame retardant fiber and textile, Nano technology and synergist, Fireproof protection and fireproof coating, Flame retardant industry application.Standard Specification and test methods, Environmental toxicity and smoke, highlights connections of application chemistry,flame retardant polymers and fireproof safety. More than 200 delegates attended the meeting, they are mainly from Beilgum, Russia, Germany, France, America, Sweden,Switzerland,Spain,Britan,Itarly,China ect. The experts,scholars, entrepreneurs and engineers presented their flame retardant theories and newest researches and have a deep communication and discussion for advancing spots, hot issues and key problems of new technology, new product and new instrucment development. 

ISFRMT 2016 pictures
                                                                                                                                      ISFRMT 2016 glance

The conference specially set up FINFA session, Pinfa is the Phosphorus, Inorganic & Nitrogen Flame Retardants Association and is a Sector Group within Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council. Pinfa represents the manufacturers and users of non-halogenated phosphorus, inorganic and nitrogen flame retardants. Presafer joined Pinfa sicne 2014. It is the first board member from Asia.

Presafer GM Kenneth Zhou made a speach at Pinfa session

                                                                                      Presafer GM Kenneth Zhou made a speach & Pinfa members group photo 

This successfully conference offered a great communication platform for international experts of flame retardant material and technology. It will promote cooperation between experts and enterprises, It also definite the current key bottlenecks of industry development which will definitely increase the development pace of flame retardant material and technology and relative industry commercial ability.
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In homes, office and public buildings, if there is the building material without protection, once breaking out of fire, the building material such as steel structures, metal sheets, wood, plaster and concrete will gradually lose intensity and become easy to collapse. However, if these building material are coated with special coating, then the heat would be blocked, which will lengthen the survival time.>>>

Flame retardant for texile.

According to the research on the fire causes, improper textile will help fire spread. Now in the world, there have been the fire protection requirements regulated indomestic and foreign standard. Different end use of textile complies with different flame retardant requirements. For example, in USA, the textiles used in the automotive component must pass FMVSS 302. In Europe, the textile used in building must satisfy ISO 13501. Therefore, it will be wise to choose the flame retardant based on the textile’s end uses.>>>

Flame retardant for potting material.

Fireproof sealing and potting material are widely used in construction, electric and electronics, Flame retardant can extend the ignited time of the material and maximum inhibit the flame spreading speed.

Flame retardants for plastics.

Nowadays, plastic has been to the indispensable part in our life, and due to the potential risk of fires, there is the wide needs on flame retardancy .Generally speaking, flame retardants used in these applications may obviously reduce the heat deflection temperature of the plastic and take effect on other properties like mechanical properties and electrical properties. Presafer flame retardants not only has high efficiency but also take other properties into consideration.>>>