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▼ Typical flame retardants for flame retarding gum
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The common knowledge of flame retarding gum for most of us is all about its application, such as protective clothing,tent cloth,car decorative cloth,wall material,floring, chair or sofa fabric, curtain ect. We know less about flame retardants that used in these materials, well, what are they?

Melamine and its derivatives

Rich gas source, release fire resisting gas during burning and dilute oxygen concentration in combustion zone.

Usually need to cooperate with phosphorus flame retardant to get good perfomance.
Typical FR



Usually it is liquid,more suitable for solvent-based flame retardant coating.

Boiling point is not very high, with high steam pressure, especially in baking, it may migrate along with solvent, textile coating material may have sticky phenomenon. Not resistant to water. 
Typical FR

Halogen flame retardant

High efficient gas flame retarding system, low dosage, excellent water resistancy.

Haglogen contained, not environmentally friendly, usually work with antimonous oxide,heavy metal may easily exceed standard requirement.

Typical FR
DBDPE, DBDPO (RoSH inhibited), HBCCD (REACH inhibited),TECP(REACH restricted)

Inorganic series

Extremely low water solubility, small particle size, usually work as flame retardant synergist.

need to add large dosage as its low flame retardancy.

Typical FR
ATH,MDH,zinc borate, aluminium silicate.

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In homes, office and public buildings, if there is the building material without protection, once breaking out of fire, the building material such as steel structures, metal sheets, wood, plaster and concrete will gradually lose intensity and become easy to collapse. However, if these building material are coated with special coating, then the heat would be blocked, which will lengthen the survival time.>>>

Flame retardant for texile.

According to the research on the fire causes, improper textile will help fire spread. Now in the world, there have been the fire protection requirements regulated indomestic and foreign standard. Different end use of textile complies with different flame retardant requirements. For example, in USA, the textiles used in the automotive component must pass FMVSS 302. In Europe, the textile used in building must satisfy ISO 13501. Therefore, it will be wise to choose the flame retardant based on the textile’s end uses.>>>

Flame retardant for potting material.

Fireproof sealing and potting material are widely used in construction, electric and electronics, Flame retardant can extend the ignited time of the material and maximum inhibit the flame spreading speed.

Flame retardants for plastics.

Nowadays, plastic has been to the indispensable part in our life, and due to the potential risk of fires, there is the wide needs on flame retardancy .Generally speaking, flame retardants used in these applications may obviously reduce the heat deflection temperature of the plastic and take effect on other properties like mechanical properties and electrical properties. Presafer flame retardants not only has high efficiency but also take other properties into consideration.>>>